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Sameday Travel is a program designed to keep you healthy and enjoying life while away from your home. Connect with a Sameday Health provider today to consult which medications are right for you to pack on your trip.

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Traveler's Diarrhea treatment


Nausea + Vomiting Medications

Sea Sickness prevention


Altitude Sickness prevention

How it works

Step 1

Fill out a brief intake form to give our providers better insight into your medical history and how they can best help you.

Step 2

Talk through your health concerns related to your trip via our virtual platform.

Step 3

If necessary, your provider will recommend a tailored treatment plan or prescribe medications.

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“So cool that something like this exists. Seeing my Sameday doctor before my travels to get ahead of traveling ailments that normally take place has been a lifesaver while on the road.”

Brendan R., 30


“Without fail, I always seem to get sick when I travel with the change in diet, sleep, time change, etc. so being able to have the proper treatment in my arsenal to address the symptoms prior to and during my travels, was a total game-changer and saved me from .”

Amy S., 34


“Getting sick while traveling is pretty expected for me. Now I have the opportunity to finally feel my best self while I’m doing what I love most.”

Radhika P., 29