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You can depend on Sameday Health to help with any wellness concerns, cough & cold symptoms, urinary tract infections, rashes & itching, minor aches + pain, allergies, migraine therapy, prescription refills, travel medications, and more.

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Sameday Cold + Flu

Sameday Cold + Flu is a program designed to speed up recovery and navigate you back to health sooner. Whether you have tested positive or negative for COVID-19, your healthcare team is here for you. Connect with a Sameday Health provider to create your tailored program today.


Symptomatic therapy




Consult for IV Drip Therapy

Injection consults

Consult for Immunity Booster Injection

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Sameday Travel

Sameday Travel is a program designed to keep you healthy and enjoying life while away from your home. Connect with a Sameday Health provider today to consult which medications are right for you to pack on your trip.


Traveler's Diarrhea treatment


Nausea + Vomiting Medications

Sea Sickness prevention


Altitude Sickness prevention

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Fill out a brief intake form to give our providers better insight into your medical history and how they can best help you.

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Talk through your symptoms and health concerns via our virtual platform.

Step 3

If necessary, your provider will recommend a tailored treatment plan or prescribe medications.



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"What professional and welcoming experience!!
Thank you for putting my mind and my family at ease!!"

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